If you are looking for
Health & Harmony
Call RN Coach Sandy

Let's discuss your nutrition & health goals, dreams and aspirations in a personal coaching conversation.


Welcome to
your future self

As an experienced Registered Nurse Coach Sandy can help you design a lifestyle approach to your health that will expand your life to grow into your best self.

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Do you use food as fuel?
Or as a comfort?
Do you hate the thought of exercise?
Would you rather surf the net or play video games?
Or surf the ocean and hit tennis balls over a net?

Your life is about more than just the day-to-day struggles

Your inner voice knows that this 21st century offers alot, but also drains alot. Finding the calm inside to deal with everything can be a challenge, but you do not have to go it alone. Call Coach Sandy to learn how positive habit change can improve your lifestyle.

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Let Coach Sandy help you explore your
"Health Quest" to support an improved lifestyle that encompasses all your best dreams for yourself.  A great life starts with a choice to give yourself the best!  Call, email or text for a return call and receive the free gift of a preliminary coaching session.

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Is your job giving you energy?

Or do you feel burnt out and unable to see a new direction in your future? Does your 9-5 fulfill the passion you were meant to share with the world?

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Do you worry about advancing age?

Or have you experienced grief or loss issues?

Coach Sandy can guide you through a gentle process of life  exploration and wellness redesign.

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Or are you a growing family?

All stages of life have their own unique challenges relating to health, nutrition, fitness and development. Coach Sandy has extensive experience in a hospital setting as well as behavioral health, positive psychology and nutrition/wellness training. 

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Have you been thinking about how you can become healthier & happier? More balanced and less stressed?

Discover your inner "Health Quest" to boost your life to the max.

The sooner you begin your best life the sooner you will feel happy and fulfilled.



 Find Energy

 Achieve Goals

 Discover Strengths

 Feel Peace & Harmony

Let's Talk!

Together we can explore your options so that you feel healthier, happier & more empowered.

Discover your strengths and learn about positive habit development with the help of Health & Wellness Personal Coach Sandy.









Find out about Wellness Coaching with Coach Sandy

You can inquire and receive a FREE initial session by leaving a telephone message, text or email. Take a chance on yourself to experience something new and to learn how personal coaching can lead you on your own "Health Quest".

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